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Harlequin™ LB Agar +CHE Gal kromogeensööde

Tootekood: HAL004-E
Tootja: Neogen Culture Media
Pakend: 37,83g = 1 liiter

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Product information

Application(s): Industrial, Biomolecular

A nutritious molecular biology medium containing the novel chromogen CHE-galactoside to enable rapid, safe and unambiguous detection of plasmid transformed bacteria.

The CHE-galactoside replaces the traditional X-gal substrate, simplifying the technique as there is no preparation of stock solutions in dimethyl formamide or dimethyl sulphoxide and surface application of the chromogen to the medium. The intense black colour of the colonies gives a sharper contrast between lac- and lac+ colonies, giving improved colony detection compared to blue X-gal stained colonies.

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