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618096Premier™ Campymikroplaat: 96 reaktsiooni
Bordetella pertussis
Tootekood Toote nimetus Pakend
480750 illumigene® Pertussis50 testi
479930 illumigene® Pertussis väline kontroll - Pertussis External Control 1 vial of Positive and Negative Control Reagent 900µl each
A233-01SeroPertussis™ IgA/IgM96 lohku
A231-01SeroPertussis™ IgG96 lohku
1233-01SeroPertussis™ Toxin IgA96 lohku
1231-01SeroPertussis™ Toxin IgG96 lohku
Escherichia coli, EHEC
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750530ImmunoCard STAT!® E. coli O157 Plus30 testi
751630ImmunoCard STAT!® EHEC30 testi
7516MC2McConkey Puljong 5 ml20 x 5 ml
608096Premier™ EHECmikroplaat: 96 reaktsiooni
Helicobacter pylori
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750020ImmunoCard STAT!® HpSA® HD20 testi
710030ImmunoCard® H. pylori IgG 30 testi
606096Premier™ H. pylori IgGmikroplaat: 96 reaktsiooni
601396Premier™ Platinum HpSA® PLUS96 lohku
Mycoplasma pneumoniae
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480250 illumigene® Mycoplasma Direct50 testi
280550illumigene® Mükoplasma - Mycoplasma50 testi
279940illumigene® Mükoplasma DNA kontrolli komplekt (pos + neg) -Mycoplasma DNA Control Kit (pos + neg)12 testi
709030ImmunoCard® Mycoplasma30 testi
A263-01MSeroMP™ Quant IgA 96 lohku
B263-01MSeroMP™ Quant IgA 192 lohku
A261-01MSeroMP™ Quant IgG 96 lohku
B261-01MSeroMP™ Quant IgG 192 lohku
A262-01MSeroMP™ Quant IgM 96 lohku
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B262-01MSeroMP™ Quant IgM 192 lohku
1263-01MSeroMP™ Recombinant IgA 96 lohku
1261-01MSeroMP™ Recombinant IgG 96 lohku
1262-01MSeroMP™ Recombinant IgM 96 lohku
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290302Endo-Staph® Anti-Staphylococcal Ribitol Teichoic Acid Control Serum2 x 1 ml
290202Endo-Staph® Teichoic Acid Antigen2 x 1 ml
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479910 illumigene® A rühma Streptokoki positiivne kontroll - Group A Streptococcus Pos Control1 vial of Positive and Negative Control Reagent 900µl each
480150 illumigene® A rühma Streptokokk - Group A Streptococcus (GAS)50 testi
479900 illumigene® B rühma Streptokoki positiivne kontroll - Group B Streptococcus Pos Control1 vial of Positive and Negative Control Reagent 900µl each
480350illumigene® B rühma Streptokokk - Group B Streptococcus (GBS)50 testi
755250ImmunoCard STAT!® Strep A50 testi
752330TRU Strep Pneumo™32 testi
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4870141Mounting Medium3 ml
EIA- ja IF-reagendid
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XX715GullSORB® IgG Inactivation Reagent5 ml
Chlamydia pneumoniae
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A193-01SeroCP™ IgA96 lohku
A191-01SeroCP™ IgG96 lohku
A192-01SeroCP™ IgM96 lohku
A293-01SeroCP™ Quant IgA EIA96 lohku
A291-01SeroCP™ Quant IgG EIA96 lohku
590-01SeroFIA™ C. pneumoniae105 testi
513-01SeroFIA™ Chlamydia IgA 105 testi
511-01SeroFIA™ Chlamydia IgG 105 testi
512-01SeroFIA™ Chlamydia IgM 105 testi
Chlamydia psittaci
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570-01SeroFIA™ C. psittaci105 testi
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NIC-ADAdenoPlus™10 testi
751030ImmunoCard STAT!® Adenovirus30 testi
41206QuickStripe™ Adenovirus25 testi
751120Rapid Strip Rota/Adenovirus20 testi
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AC092CHROMagar™ Acinetobacter5000 ml