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Acridine Orange

Tootekood: PL8009
Tootja: Pro-Lab Diagnostics UK
Pakend: 100 ml

NB! Saate tellida tooteid veebipoes. Logige sisse lehe paremas ülanurgas.

Product information

Acridine Orange is intended for use in staining for Trichomonas vaginalis, yeast and other bacteria in vaginal smears.  The stain itself is a fluorochrome (or a fluorescent stain) which causes DNA and RNA to fluoresce green and orange respectively.  The standard staining method is as follows:

i) Prepare the smear of material to be examined. Allow to air dry and fix in Methanol for 1 minute.
ii) Apply Acridine Orange for 10 seconds.
iii) Remove excess stain by rinsing the slide in water. Shake off any excess.
iv) Decolourise in an alcohol/saline* solution for 10 seconds.
v) Rinse the slide in a saline solution (0.85% Sodium Chloride aqueous solution).
vi) Mount in a saline solution (0.85% Sodium Chloride aqueous solution) and apply a coverslip.
vii) Examine wet mounts under the fluorescent microscope using objective x 40.

* 250 ml of alcohol/saline solution:
5 ml IMS 99
245 ml Deionised water
2 g Sodium Chloride  

When the Acridine Orange staining procedure is performed correctly the results should read as follows:
Trichomonas vaginalis                                 Orange-red with yellow green nuclei
Yeast cells                                                      Orange
Bacteria                                                          Orange
Leucocytes                                                     Yellow-green
Epithelial cells                                               Yellow-green

Control Results
C. albicans should appear as orange-golden coloured cells which stand out against a dark background.