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Immutrep® RPR, flokkulaatio

Tootekood: OD051
Tootja: Lab21 Heathcare Ltd
Pakend: 100 testiä

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Product information

IMMUTREP is a range of serological tests for both screening and confirmation of Syphillis. From the classical VDRL Antigen to RPR and USR Antigen, there are several formats for Syphillis screening which provide a suitable cost effective method for all labratories and Primary Health Care Centres. A low cost Rotator is available for use with the IMMUTREP-RPR test kits to complete the package available.

IMMUTREP products are standardised against International Standards to ensure reproducible results. Long shelf lives ensure maximum economy and minimum wastage. Easy to use protocols ensure consistent results.

Immutrep® RPR, flokkulaatio

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