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Tootekood Toote nimetus Pakend
435002Adapteri Scan® 100 -pesäkelaskuriin1 kpl
505004Adjustable distribution system for Dilu Flow model1
505005Adjustable distribution system for Dilu Flow Pro and Elite model1
510040BagOpen 400 for Gravimat/Baby Gravimat 1 kpl
513005Calibration Weight 500g1
561403Connection part Inner diameter tubing Ø 6,4 mm6
503201DiluFlow® Elite Double Pump 1kg1 kpl
503205DiluFlow® Elite Douple Pump 5kg1 kpl
413017Eppendorf™ support 1,5/2 ml for EasySpiral® Plater1 kpl
507008Foot Pedal1 kpl
513015Independant stand 1 kpl
9303Neogen Stat Fax® Microwell Reader1 kpl
513024Nozzles tubing Ø 6,4 mm (4,8-8mm)5
513040Nozzles tubing Ø 3,2 mm5
505007Pump module for DiluFlow® Elite 1
435000Scan® 100 Manuaalne koloonialoendur1 kpl
437000Scan® 1200 Automaatne koloonialoendur1 kpl
436300Scan® 300 Automaatne koloonialoendur1 kpl
436000Scan® 500 Automaatne koloonialoendur1 kpl
513023set of 5 autoclavable filters 5 kpl
562202Set of dispensing tubings inner ø 3.2 mm with plastic connectors "Y"5 kpl
562102Set of siliconetubings inner ø 3.2 mm + GL45 screwcap + tube weight + inoxnozzle + filter1 kpl
561203Silicone tubing inner Ø 4,8mm 5 kpl
561204Silicone tubing inner Ø 6,4mm 5 kpl
561302Silicone tubings for pump head DiluFlow Ø 3,2 mm6 kpl
561304Silicone tubings for pump head DiluFlow Ø 6,4 mm6 kpl
435001Suurennuslasi Scan® 100 -pesäkelaskuriin1 kpl
351TB Base Station Induction battery charger with Selftest calibration system1 kpl
310TB Base Station Induction battery charger100/240VCA 50/60HZ 35W+ cable1 kpl
465TB Cover head stainless steel to protect ASPI HEAD Petri 90 plate1 kpl
341TB Daily Shift Sterile Aspirating head Petri 90 plate Technopolymer30 kpl
228TB DUO BLUETOOTH ATEX Air sampler (100 lts/min) Petri 90 plate (Explosion proof)1 kpl
206KTB MONO BLUETOOTH Air sampler (200 lts/min) Petri 90 plate1 kpl
208TB MONO BLUETOOTH ATEX Air sampler (100 lts/min) Petri 90 plate (Explosion proof)1 kpl
331TB Stainless steel ASPI HEAD Petri 90 plate1 kpl
336TB Thermopolymer ASPI HEAD (AHTP-90) Petri 90 plate5 kpl
295TB TRANSFER DATA BLUET CD SOFTWARE "ASPC" transfer data from instrument or Smartphone/ Tablet to PC1 kpl
420TB TRANSFER DATA BLUET Key Bluetooth for PC without Bluetooth connection1 kpl
513020Trocar for broth bags1 tk
513039Tube weights1
9316UV-lamppu Colitag-testille1 kpl
505002Weighing platform 1